Launch of OphthCast

Dear Readers,

We are planning to launch a podcast channel dedicated to Ophthalmology targeted at residents and medical students. The podcast channel will be on air soon. We plan to include a series of audio ‘talks’ on various topics ranging from basic to advanced.

We would like to state here that these are not replacement for your prescribed books, article etc but just a tool to understand concepts better.

We will try to keep things simple and easily palatable. We will also strive to include innovative topics which are not otherwise discussed elsewhere. Our references will be updated on this blog, however most of the talks will be based on basic demonstrations that you will be able to do yourself in your free time.

The talks will be available as audio links to mp3 files which will be downloadable and you can carry it around in any of your audio players including your car stereo.

With regards,

Happy eyeing

OphthoCast Team

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