003 Marc Amsler & Amsler & Amsler

Marc Amsler & Amsler & Amsler. In this third episode of our talks on ophthalmology, we get introduced to Dr Marc Amsler. We follow his findings to explore certain aspects in ophthalmology and we take you there. We talk about Amsler’s grid and Amsler’s sign.


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000 Welcome to OphthoCast

Welcome to the OphthoCast, the audio podcast channel dedicated to ophthalmology.

With today on 14th December 2015, we launch a series of audio interactions in the field of ophthalmology, targeted at students and residents alike. In due course we also plan to keep you abreast with the latest advancements in this field.
We will not call them classes or lectures for the reason that it will boring. An earnest attempt will be made to keep it interesting and simple.

We are starting with basic topics which if grasped at an early stage will widen your understanding of the subject.

These audios are in no way a replacement to your standard textbooks. We strive to be factually correct but to err is human. Keep us posted if you disagree with anything that has been said in these recordings. We would be happy to make amendments with due credits.

with regards,

OphthoCast Team

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